Notification icon is not showing (CSS Found) Update?

About: Aero Ultimate Skin for Facebook v3.1 Beta4
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The CSS has changed from .JewelAlert to .JewelNotif on the topbar facebook page. I dont have wide CSS knowledge but i tried changing the JewelAlert to JewelNotif and it didnt work.


  • change all jewelAlert to jewelNotif. Do this by copying the whole css to notepad and doing replace
  • Didn't work at all:(
    At first the globe got all weird and stuff, and today all the other buttons dissapeared.
  • As said above, copy the script into notepad and replace all occurrences of #jewelAlert to #jewelNotif (case sensitive), and, to fix the icons, replace with (It looks like imageshack may be having problems, so I just reuploaded the file).
  • thank you guys. That's what I've searched
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