Stylish broken in Firefox 4.0b2pre



  • Guess that parenthetical part in last sentence could be interpreted two different ways. Manage Styles not showing up on addons like in pre version 1 Stylish, would be a delight. I have it purposely set to display separately though I can not get to Stylish options/preferences to change anything.
  • Good work, Jason. Much appreciated.

    David: Stylish isn't supposed to have a preferences button, go to about:config and see extensions.stylish.manageView. Set to 1 for standalone.
    Status bar -> manage styles also working fine (Minefield 20100712) .
  • Excellent, works here too. Much appreciated :)
  • !K: I do have extensions.stylish.manageView set to 1 in 4.0b2pre as well as in 3.6.6.
    See Manage Styles in Addons list in both 3.6.6 but not in 4.0b2pre (not fond of it there anyway)

    Disabled "Customize Stylish" extension since I can noe see not that it doesn't work, and Manage Styles
    can be obtained from the Status Bar icon via "Manage Styles".now and I have my standalone list rather
    than having to use the sidebar.

    Stylish - Manage Window beautified |
    Don't think it ever failed and it makes the listing manageable (1 line per entry).
  • Thanks for the update, But is anyone getting a never ending check for updates?
  • edited September 2010
    Posted By: acebrain01Thanks for the update, But is anyone getting a never ending check for updates?
    Same here. FF4.0b4 is still behaving the same way: Stylish styles take forever to look for updates.
    See this thread for more info: Neverending check for updates
    Oh yeah, duh, you're the same guy who made that thread. I'm not paying much attention... as usual. :P
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