Stylish broken in Firefox 4.0b2pre

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Firefox 4.0 is having a major change to the way XPCOM components get registered.

This change has broken Stylish. for more details.


  • Yep. FIX IT NOW.......jk but seriously please please fix it asap.
  • edited July 2010 (that's where the latest build has been posted, so i posted there too).

    Interesting! The link suppose to take you to the 'Stylish no longer works properly with latest Minefield Trunk 3.7a5pre' thread but if i click on it, it takes me back to this thread (which has a diff. address: I'm posting with Fx 3.6.6 where everything works all right.
  • I hope it gets updated soon...
  • Based on other updated Add-Ons I've looked at, the changes seem to be fairly easy to do. Looking forward to a working version.
  • I'm going to be waiting on a fix to Stylish to update Minefield. Can't live without it :3
  • Could be a while as Jason probably will go to the Summit after the weekend.
  • What Summit?
  • Posted By: makondo
    Hmmmmm your link takes me back here. What's going on?
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    The summit's in Whistler again?

    No, I'm not going to Whistler, and yes, I'm aware that I'll need to do something to fix Stylish.
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    Posted By: streetwolf
    Posted By: makondo
    Hmmmmm your link takes me back here. What's going on?
    Exactly! I don't know what's going on, see my post above.
  • stylish-0.5.9?!
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  • Posted By: makondostylish-0.5.9?!
    Hey it works. Guess Alice doesn't want to step on Jason's toes as far as the current version goes. Of course you need to grab your styles from stylish.sqlite and make text files out of them. Easy enough with a Sql reader.
  • i really hope Stylish gets updated soon.

    And i really hope it gets integrated with Firefox Sync in order to sync styles on every computer.

    Infos: the "Developer Resources" section is on the right.
  • broken Stylish is so broken!
  • Jason,

    in case you've missed that above:
    links in this thread take you back to this thread.
  • This is very odd. I just installed beta1 and Stylish works there but it doesn't work in Minefield. I'm puzzled.
  • why puzzled? XPCOM landed after beta1. XPCOM - is the reason why many add-ons (e.g. stylish) are not working.
  • The last Minefield build that works with Stylish is 20100701. Hopefully we won't need to wait too much longer for an updated Stylish.
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    I had styles in there which i'd like to move to userChrome.css and also try in Fx4 b1 but i can't get to them ... (no, sqlite file is unreadable). I just update Mf and don't use it, it's too painful w/out my styles.
  • I just moved them to userchrome/usercontent manually from Stylish(using the build before it broke).

    I have a good number of scripts, and it didn't take long at all.
  • Yes, that's how it should work. However, the styles i'm talking about are in the profile where Stylish is disabled and the only way to move them to .css is from sqlite which is unreadable or require a lot of cleaning (tried 3 diff. applications like Notepad++, EditPadLite, PSPad editor). Also, i already have other styles in the other profile and don't want to overwrite those by moving sqlite to it. So, all the work i did to make my styles work with Fx beta and Minefield are now unaccesable and i have to do it all over again. Or wait for Jason in hopes i can revive them.
  • Try this out.

    Only known problem is that the -stylish-disable flag doesn't work in Fx 4.
  • ROFL Awesome!! Thanks a lot, Jason!
  • Posted By: Jason Barnabe (np)Try this out.

    Only known problem is that the -stylish-disable flag doesn't work in Fx 4.
    Thanks for the fix.
  • Thank you Jason.
  • Thanks, Jason - working perfectly.
  • Thanks, Jason. Manage Styles only works for me only from the Sidebar, not from toolbar or status bar. Stylish preferences/options grayed out in add-ons, and doesn't work from buttons. I think I have it set to display standalone. Manage Styles does not appear in addons (my preference anyway).
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