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I noticed the #updater isn't in the direct bottom corner, even though I don't have ChanChimp (pretty sure it was it in very bottom corner if chan chimp wasnt installed).
Also, playing around with the new 4chan X update and finally decided to try out reply hiding. Then chucked on your style and noticed that it sort of overlaps the 2nd reply.

I think it might have something to do with what you've done to get the 1st reply under OP but that's just from a first glance and not going into it.
Personally, I rarely (and by rarely I mean never) use reply hiding but thought should point this out.


  • Interesting.. I thought I got the reply hiding all fixed.
    Thanks for yet another bugreport, Sax, much appreciated :)

    I can't reproduce the updater issue though. Can you screenshot your DOM tree or something?
    Is there another script that could interfere?
  • Hm, suddenly the updater is back in the bottom corner, don't know what happened there.

    m9up1 - shows normal page (reply mode)
    m9up2 - shows that when #options is there, the #updater moves up a place (also maybe style the options panel like you did the updater options)
    m9up3 - some more screenshots of reply hiding

    If anything else, you know I'll be here to help, heh. :3
  • Heh, thanks :)
    I should be able to fix the reply hiding issue during this weekend.
    Also about m9up3 - the 'high op' case is incorrect too, the hidden reply stub should be below the image, just like where the post would be.

    For the updater I currently use #updater:not(:last-of-type), .chanchimp ~ #updater{ bottom: 20px !important; }
    With that I just simply got that the updater stays above the chanchimp postarea toggler no matter what order the scripts are in in greasemonkey.
    Basically, when you open the options window, updater is no longer last-of-type and that selector hits, not a big deal - but..
    I just made a quick test and noticed that the options window isn't the only thing that does that, if you have 4chan X updater above any other script that adds a div, such as /b/ackwash reloaded, the selector hits there as well.

    I certainly haven't been thinking a lot while writing my css :D
  • Well, finally managed to fix the stubs and update.
    Still don't really know what to do about that updater.. D:
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