How to I uninstall a theme?

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I can't find the tools thing. :( How to I put it back to the default facebook theme?


  • Firefox or Chrome?
  • i have chrome. and i cant figure it out.
  • Just find another theme you like and install it. It will replace the theme you are now using.

    Alternaively, click the Chrome customize and control icon (the wrench at the end of the
    address bar), select options --->themes--->Restore to default theme.
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    How you get rid of your facebook (not Chrome) theme depends on what you did to install it. Let's assume it was installed in Chrome w/o Stylish (and from this site, and that it's a facebook style). You'll have to disable or uninstall it. Click on the little wrench icon at the top right of the browser window and select 'Extensions' from the menu; on the Extensions page find your facebook style (extension) in the list and either Disable it (to turn it off) or Uninstall it (to remove it entirely). So, do you have Chrome with/without Stylish or some other browser with/without Stylish?
  • Oops! Sorry, my mistake. I read the post too fast and overlooked the facebook reference.
  • i need help, i think i downloaded mine staight to my computer as a seperate file so when i go on the wrench thing i cant find it to turn it off and its really annoying me because i cant turn it off. please help!
  • @mod_wastrel
    your idea did work for me..thanks alot.
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  • how can i get switch the tumblr dashboard theme to the original?
  • How do i get back to original tumblr. :(
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  • I'm using Firefox on a Mac, and this seems to work for me: In the lower left hand corner of the screen there is the stylish logo. Click on that and a menu should pop up. Click on "manage styles" from there and it should take you to a screen where you can see all styles you have installed. Click remove on the ones that you don't wish to have anymore. Hope I could help!
  • How do i uninstall stylish?
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    Firefox: Browse to about:addons, select the Extensions tab, find Stylish, click Remove.

    Chrome: Browse to about:extensions, find Stylish, click the Trashcan icon.
  • Chrome: Browse to about:extensions, find Stylish, click the Trashcan icon.
    or right click on Stylish icon and select 'Remove from Chrome'.
  • i like the theme i have but its one of those choose your own is there a way i can change what i chose to something else
  • How do I remove a 4chan theme that doesn't have a save button in settings?
  • Firefox facebook, can't find the way to uninstall the theme.
    The theme also seems to be crashed.

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    I'm uninstalling Userstiles, but theme didn't uninstall. WHAT TO DO???

  • I know how you do it!!! JUST DELETE USERSTYLES!!!! :D
  • Do this.</blockquote

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