Dark Tumblr needs improvement. (Suggestions)

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First off, I must say the style is amazing. One of the best. A couple problems with this style, though. Of course, everybody notices that some things are left blue on the main dashboard. I personally don't think this is that big a deal, especially because it's easy to get used to. But there are certain problems that DO bother me. If I make a new post of any format (eg. audio, text, chat), then I find it difficult to see what I'm typing, as the text is still black on what is now a black background. For this, I suggest changing the font color for blog/reblog text to be a bright gray, or even white. Second issue also applies to the making of new posts. The white area in the semi-background is now gray, but the borders at the top and bottom are still white. This is a major brightness clash, and is VERY ugly. Now, this could go either way from here. The area could just be changed to white, as it normally is without the style, or someone could easily make a gray version of the top and bottom borders, and the problem would be solved. Next off, well.. These aren't really problems. More so, they're simple suggestions. Since Tumblr had a black "oil" theme for a week, images from that time period could be used to perfect this version of Dark Tumblr, by removing the blue areas on the front page and replacing them with black/transparent images.

...Yeah, that's my input on this theme. Just as my rating says, it works, and it's a cool idea, as well as popular, but it could use some major improvement. Thanks for reading.

Main Points:
*Making new posts: black text on black background.
*Making new posts: gray semi-background clashes with white semi-background borders.
*Suggestion: use resources from tumblr's "oil" theme to perfect this theme.


  • Hey thanks for the great feedback! I'll work on fixing those problems.
  • The black text on a black ground is not happening for me. The other problems I can look into though.
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