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Sup m9, I know you've said you're busy with things but here's a general thing I noticed.

I finally updated my 4chan X script to find that you actually have styled the thread watcher (and quite good may I add).

Although, when on the main page, the checkbox covers the icon, but when in reply mode, it's all aligned properly.
(and yes I did drop the 4chan extension and am LOVING scripts a lot more)

Just something I thought I'd point out.


  • Hmm, dunno how I missed that.. Or maybe the script changed from back when I made the support.
    Will be fixed in the next update - maybe today, maybe later, but soon enough anyway. Thanks for the heads up, once again :)
    I don't use the thread watcher myself so it would have been like this probably forever if you didn't point it out.

    I'm glad you made the switch to userscripts too :)
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    Only thing I'm missing is having all the boards in my context menu. But, that's what the #navtop is there for. ;)
    Another super nit pick which is actually quite stupid for me to even point out is that
    (i noticed it when trying to find out myself through testing why the first letter still shows even when in spoilers, then the thread 404'd so i couldn't refresh for changes)
    lower case letters like q y p and g have like, 3 pixels showing when in spoilers.

    Don't even know if it's intentional or worth fixing since it's pretty damn hard to pick up anyway, but just thought I'd mention.

    Also, have you played around with things like FORM > BLOCKQUOTE > SPAN.spoiler:first-letter (another note, :first-letter doesn't work with 4chan extension) then putting them the same as the spoiler i.e. size, background and colour?
    Another note: I've found that .spoiler:hover doesn't work, but SPAN.spoiler:hover does, while .spoiler or SPAN.spoiler both work regardless. But you probably figured that out when doing your own tests.
  • I tried all sorts of stuff with the spoilers, I don't even remember anymore.
    I do remember that everything I tried didn't work as intended but I guess I should try again.
    I just kinda forget about it as I don't see threads starting with spoilers at all really, mostly because /g/ doesn't have spoilers.

    The letter descenders being visible is easy to fix, I do also see them so I might as well, I appreciate you pointing that out too.
    I'll just set unhovered spoiler text to transparent.
    More work, yey! ( ゚ ヮ゚) (I also have the Orin style to sync my fixes into now)

    Oh well.
    Once I get these out of the way I'm going to make a little update on the images, will add webkit properties and I guess I would need to switch to using the file:// URI scheme to get this compatible with Chrome/Chromium/Safari, it's just going to break the style for anyone that currently has the style installed :l
    Another option is to up the images somewhere but that's no good because of network issues or possible downtime on the image host..
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