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Center Gmail Search box?

edited June 2010 in Style Requests
New to Styles, would love to have my header Gmail search box along with the "Search Mail" and "Search Web" buttons centered on my screen. Anyone know how to do this? Many thanks.


  • @-moz-document domain( {
    .cf {
    margin: 15px auto !important;
  • Beautiful (and fast!), thanks.

    It centered the search box and both buttons, though it seems as if it also pushed along the rest of the blank space following it. In doing so the body of the page (e-mails, etc.) were pushed down the thickness of that line. Is there a fix for that, or should I settle with that extra space?
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    Try this instead:
    @-moz-document domain( {
    .cf {
    margin: 10px auto 0 auto !important;

    I have my Gmail heavily modified and did not pick that up. If you wish for other customizations of Gmail, just post your request.
  • Again, thanks. Body of page does not move.

    It still has one small glitch: Directly above the first e-mail on the Inbox (and therefore below Select: All, None, Read, Unread, Starred, Unstarred), a relatively narrow bar appears. In "Shiny" theme it's the same color as the general background. If there is a way to delete it, that would be fantastic.

    Really appreciate the help.
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    Exactly which addon or theme are you using for Gmail and is it possible to post a screenshot? That narrow space is possible to remove. Which version of Firefox are you using as well.
  • srazzano -

    Firefox 3.6.3

    I'm new at Styles - only recently found it and don't know how to write the styles themselves. So I've been going to "Styles/Find Styles for this site" and sort of rummaging through and getting the ones that appeal to me. The end result is that I have many running at once.

    Would love to post a screenshot for you - tried using snipping tool, successfully made a snip, made a copy to clipboard, but can't seem to paste into this window. (And I thought I was somewhat computer savvy.) Maybe there's another method...

    From general settings menu on GMail I'm running "Shiny" theme.

    From Styles:
    Google in Segue UI
    Google - Simple Tidy
    Gmail attachment icons
    Gmail Subject No-bold
    Gmail Inbox Line Height Increaser (when this is off, still same problem)
    Gmail2 - foouser - remove gbar
    Gmail3: Hide Lables, Chat, Invite Friend, & Footer
    GMail3: Tango icon theme
    Gmail 2.x White Background / Inbox Row Colors
    Gmail 2.x - remove ads and widen message body
    Gmail - reflecting logo (I since replaced the logo from this style using a 153 x 49 Gmail logo I found online)

    I noticed you seem to be a guru at this - have been poking around this site and saw you help quite a few people. One old request from another user asked about:
    1. increasing the number of sites shown in the History drop down box so you don't need to go to "Show All History"
    2. removing the Alt- and Crtl - shortcut key hints from the drop down boxes

    He seemed to have figured it out before you answered, but if this code is available, I'd love to run it.

    Many many thanks.
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    Upload it to Image Shack and post a link here.
  • Without centering:

    With centering:

    Thanks, makondo. Very cool, easy too.
  • You're welcome! ;-)
  • edited June 2010
    @-moz-document domain( {
    .cf.d {
    margin: 10px auto 0 auto !important;

    I run a code to auto hide the Header (gbar, Google image, search box and buttons) and did not catch that gap.
  • Thanks. Real pretty.
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