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Thanks LKRaider.
"For Firefox users, you can fix this with the Stylish extension: http://userstyles.org/styles/29554"

Users can customize their code for any country, by the way.
I live in a small country -Uruguay, South America; and all I had to do was changing three lines.

After installing the extension Stylish I followed these steps:
1. Click "S" icon at the right bottom corner
2. Manage styles
3. Click Disable Google Everything Sidebar
4. Edit
5. Replace www.google.com with www.google.com.xx -your country. For example www.google.com.uy in my case
6. Save

After many hours googling and testing different ways, this is the only one that work out fine.

Thanks again. I hope GOOGLE finally decide to get rid off this annoyance. They are in the XX again.


  • Hi,
    Yes, you have to change manually because Stylish does not support wildcards like you can do with Greasemonkey, for example: http://www.google.com*/search* would enable the script for google on all countries (could be a feature request for Stylish).

    I hope google pays attention to what their users are saying and removes this sidebar soon, or at least give us an official option to disable it.
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