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Reduce Height Of Bookmarks Toolbar

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As you can see by the image below, my Bookmarks Toolbar is slightly taller than I'd like it to be. I want to reduce the height of the Bookmarks Toolbar but keep the same height of my Toolbar Buttons (Bookmarks and Personal Toolbar) which are on the same level. I need to do this WITHOUT checking 'Use small icons'. Thanks in advance. :D


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    Klax0r !
    I'm still on firefox 3.5.9 so I don't know if it works for firefox 3.6*
    Adjust the px numbers.

    #navigator-toolbox #PersonalToolbar

    This style is for ALL TOOLBARS LOW HEIGHT:

    Toolbars-Super Low Height+Remove Empty Top&Bottom
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    ^ That basically just reduces space between the Menu Toolbar and the Tab Bar; I need something that reduces the height of the buttons in the Bookmarks Toolbar and does not reduce the height of the Toolbar Buttons adjacent to the Bookmarks Toolbar. Or is that not even possible?
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    Posted By: Klax0rI want to reduce the height of the Bookmarks Toolbar but keep the same height of my Toolbar Buttons (Bookmarks and Personal Toolbar)
    And this code that I already stated above should do that:
    #navigator-toolbox #PersonalToolbar

    Posted By: Klax0rI need something that reduces the height of the buttons in the Bookmarks Toolbar
    THE VERY OPPOSITE.... Do you not see that ???

    Posted By: Klax0rThat basically just reduces space between the Menu Toolbar and the Tab Bar;
    Yeah... It reduces the height of each of the toolbars if you wanted that... You originally said you wanted to reduce the height of the bookmarks toolbar... so I thought you might also want to reduce the height of all toolbars to save space. I guess not.

    You changed what you originally said so I am outta here.


    ToolbarButton icons- On Bookmarks Toolbar ANY SIZE

    ToolbarButton icons- ANY SIZE
  • I gave up after this exchange
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    The english language isn't perfect and not all things can be perfectly articulated in every sentence. I really thought that I was getting my point across correctly in both of my posts and in the second post I was just trying to clarify my original query. I can see that I should've added the word 'buttons' after 'Bookmarks Toolbar' in my first post, but if you read both posts carefully and look at the picture in the first post you should be able to see that it was a very slight error in communication and could've been interpreted in 2 ways, the other way I just didn't happen to see at the time. Thank you for your time and effort. Hopefully in the future we can work past simple misunderstandings without flying off the handle (Barbiegirl) and flaming one another (srazzano). I apologize for not using the proper terminology as I am a newbie to firefox userstyles.
  • First you posted this after my responce:

    Posted By: Klax0rPosted By: srazzanoWill this do anything:
    toolbarseparator {
    background: url(
    What do I put in here so that I can get a file off of my D drive?

    And then later you posted this:

    Posted By: Klax0rI knew I should've mentioned that the / in D:Pictures is not a problem in that address. I've tried with and without the /, and have other userstyles using D:Pictures without problems.

    Either you know how to retrieve a file from your D drive or you don't.
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    Is what I'm trying to do even possible? I don't know much about firefox userstyles, but this does seem like an odd request.
  • srazzano, why are you bringing up old topics? I'm just trying to figure something out here, why do you have to keep trying to +1 yourself and -1 me?
  • Not an old topic, you are still posting the same request and has nothing to do with (+) or (-). Just trying to get a handle on what your problem is. I would first suggest you do some research on your problem and list/explain the exact steps you have taken in trying to correct it. It is difficult to help someone that can't help themselves.
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    It is not the same request, one is separator height, one is button height. The separator height topic has been resolved, although I may not have even needed to do that since reducing the button height would likely also reduce the separator height. But it still worked out, because I can now change the separator to any image I want :D

    I've been unable to locate any userstyles that can resize the Bookmarks Toolbar but also not resize the Toolbar Buttons alongside it at the same time. I'm starting to think that this may be impossible.
  • I don't think you can do what you want because that hover will stretch to the height of the highest button(-s) which is your bookmarks toolbar button which you don't want to resize.
    You can try to set a size for your toolbar buttons and then add a code below for a diff. height for bookmarks toolbar button and that other one. Don't think it will work though. Would be simpler just move them to another toolbar.
  • edited May 2010
    Posted By: makondoWould be simpler just move them to another toolbar.
    That's what I was afraid of :(

    Okay, so I have this code:

    #PersonalToolbar .toolbarbutton-icon
    {height: 16px !important;
    width: 16px !important;}

    Is there a code that will simply target the buttons in the Bookmarks Toolbar rather than the entire Personal Toolbar?

    Otherwise I may just have to deal with these smaller, blurry buttons in order to have the correct Bookmarks Toolbar height.
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    Do you have your bookmarks (#PersonalToolbar) on the Menubar?
    Icons on the #PersonalToolbar are .bookmark-items
    Icons on the #toolbar-menubar are .toolbarbutton-1
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    Oh, I see. If that is the case, than:

    #PersonalToolbar .bookmark-items
    {height: 16px !important;}

    This code should change the Bookmark items? But it also changes the height of the Toolbar Buttons on the same line. So it must be impossible to change that without affecting the Toolbar Buttons?
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    Okay, so what I originally wanted to do now seems likely to be impossible

    I'm just going to use this code:

    #PersonalToolbar .toolbarbutton-icon
    {height: 16px !important;
    width: 16px !important;}

    #PersonalToolbar .toolbarbutton-icon
    {height: 20px !important;
    width: 20px !important;}

    #PersonalToolbar .bookmark-item .toolbarbutton-icon
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