"My Account" login bug

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For some reason when I click the "My Account" link on http://userstyles.org/, it takes me to the forum site (http://userstyles.org/forum/).

I first visited the forums today, and it said I wasn't signed in, so I clicked the "Sign In" link at the top right and it logged me in fine. Later, I went to check out the new styles on usestyles.org and that's when I noticed I couldn't get to my account. Also, I'm using OpenID if that helps any...and cookies enabled for both sites of course.

Edit: now it works after I restarted firefox, although I'm not sure why. But anyway, I don't think it should be redirecting to the forums if you can't login, should it?


  • For better user experience, the site has to remember where you're trying to go if it figured you have to log in. So for example, if you clicked on the sign in on the forum, you should be returned to the forum after logging in. What I figure happened to you is that the flag that says "go back to the forum" wasn't getting unset, so you got redirected to it every time you tried to log in. I'll check the code later to see if I can figure out how this could happen.
  • I've made a few changes that hopefully solved the problem.
  • Thanks...I'll let you know if it happens again.
  • How can I restore my forgotten password?
    I don't find those form....
  • Send an e-mail to jason@userstyles.org with your user ID and the password you want it to be.
  • There seems to be a log-in problem with this site. I couldn't get into my main account which I just created about an hour ago...I don't remember making any mistake while filling out the sign up form.
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  • OKay this is strange. I had created an account for Userstyles.org. I came back and it properly recognized me for a few days. Tonight it didn't. Normally not a big deal, but apparently there's no form for "forgotten Password"? What's a guy to do? I would like the previous account back as I had already created a script that I've uploaded, plus I used my preferred email address, etc.


  • Post you user ID or e-mail and I'll send you a password.
  • ID is 5656. Thanks!
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