Stylish review

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Stylish review

In summary: Stylish is cool, needs work.


  • not a bad review - very fair about the stylish extension - and unfortunately accurate about

    methinks if people are installing stylish for the first time and depending on for their styles they may very well be left disappointed and miss out on the brilliance of stylish

    which would be a pity
  • And, as a power user, I myself basically only ever come here any more to add or update my own styles (the few that I think might actually be useful to someone besides myself). Well, and to check on pre-release versions of Stylish. In either case, isn't showing its potential, and Stylish remains as a power user extension. In order to bring Stylish to most normal users (most people), will need to be completed first.
  • If you follow the work I do, you'll notice I usually only work on one or the other for long periods of time. With the Stylish cycle ending soon with the release of 0.5, I'll be back on a userstyles cycle. The stability of the site is priority 1.

    I've already started some work, but some things actually have to wait until the majority of users are on Stylish 0.5.
  • Posted By: Jason Barnabe (np)I The stability of the site is priority 1.

    I appreciate your work but the site sucks. Fix the constant crashes, Apache errors, Ruby errors, then work on the "problem" of categorzing styles. The search function works decently when it doesn't crash.

    There is nothing wrong with 0.5a. Fix the site first!

    BTW, thanks for all of your hard work.
  • I'm not doing any more work on Stylish for the current version unless people report bugs. I'm just waiting for localizations to be done. I do think the release of 0.5 will help the site because once the majority of people are using it, I can turn on caching for style pages, which is where the majority of database hits are coming from.
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