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Can I make comments always visible?

edited May 2007 in
Is there a way to make comments always visible without clicking on "Read and post reviews"?

I tried:


but it doesn't do anything.


  • It only gets loaded when you click the button.
  • In that case please consider this a request to turn them back on by default.
  • +1. Please!
  • The reason they were removed is because I want to be able to in the near future have Rails cache the show style pages, which are obviously the most frequented pages on the site. The way that caching works is that the page will get generated once and then served staticly. This means that ever user will receive the same page, which doesn't work the way commenting is set up right now (non-logged in users, logged in users, people who have already commented, and the author all receive different versions of the page). I might be able to work out some JavaScript that'll cleverly do this, but the immediate future this is how it'll stay.

    I'd bet it would be very easy to write a Greasemonkey script that would do what you want.
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