Clarify restrictions

I find it frustrating that when submitting a style on, I always get this cryptic message: "code is invalid".

Giving no indication on what the error is.

Now I've been able to locate the problem (I'm not allowed to use @import, and the mere presence of @import in a comment is forbidden).

I won't argue with the choice to restrict imports (although it is damn annoying).

But it would be much nicer to tell what is wrong with the code, and have a short FAQ listing what is and is not allowed.


  • It's a limitation of the software I'm using. The problem is that for performance reasons, a code object is separate from a style object. When saving the style object, the style isn't informed of what problems are in the code, just the fact that there are problems. Yes, the restrictions should be specified somewhere. I'll look into it.

    @imports are forbidden because of a bug in Firefox where if the site you're importing goes down, Firefox will hang on startup. @imports in comments are not meant to be forbidden, but the validation code isn't complex enough to know what's a comment and what's not.
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