New posts are showing up as read

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The forum is no longer showing new posts as unread.
Their background color is the same as the read posts and they say "0 New"


  • Works fine here...
  • This is weird... it's working ok on my other computer but not this one.
    They both have the basically browser same setup.
    I don't think I changed anything on this computer.
    I guess I'll have to check it out.
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    Ok, I finally figured it out.
    I am using Session Manager, and I have 5 tabs open when I load the Stylish session.
    The link for the forum tab got changed to "", so I must have saved the session after marking all posts as read, and all new posts were getting marked as read every time I loaded the session.
    I changed it back to "", and now all is well.
    Live and learn.
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