Learning How to Modify the Browser User Interface

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I would like to learn more about writing simple styles. To start, I would like to learn how to modify the browser user interface, specifically how to use such things as menubar, menubutton, menulist, menu, menuitem, textbox, toolbar, tab-text, tree, tooltip, sidebarheader, statusbar, etc.

Can anyone suggest an introduction or tutorial that I might access on-line or a book that would cover same? Thanks.


  • Knowing how to write styles is split up into two parts: knowledge of how to select certain elements and knowledge of the CSS properties. For the former, it's essentially the same as web pages. For the latter, some of the properties are the same, some are different.

    What kind of things are you looking to do? Really, the best way to learn is to look at what others do and experiment.
  • Using a "test" profile, of course. 8-þ
  • I'd say you need to google for a tutorial on Firefox's DOM Inspector, and get familiar with CSS if you're not already. For more advanced UI styles, you'll also need to know a bit about XUL. I can't suggest anything specific, but I'm sure a web search will find you plenty of info.
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