Flock tab customization is the only thing lacking.

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Most of the styles meant for Firefox work well on Flock, but... The styles aimed at tabs don't seem to work very well though. In particular, I need to- (1) add left and right scroll arrows to Flock's tab bar (2) change the color of the text on the active tab.

I'm using Flock's default theme with the "Firefox: Dark Style" userstyle. That style is practically made for Flock.

Thanks, guys!


  • #content tab[selected="true"]{color:red!important}

    I'm not sure what #1 means
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    On #1 I mean that when there are more tabs open than will fit on the screen, Flock compacts the tabs until they are about favicon size, then they start getting pushed off of the right side of the screen. But there are no arrows to scroll through the tabs or a drop down arrow that lists open tabs. I don't use the drop down much, but the scroll arrows are what I need.
    That code doesn't seem to change the color of the tab on Flock, but it probably works on Firefox. I'm appliying it to XUL, is that correct?
  • sorry i thought you meant the text colour not the background
    #content tab[selected="true"],#content tab[selected="true"] *{background:red!important}

    i tried messing around but i didnt get anything working well you can use this though
    #content tab:hover{min-width:250px!important}

    yes its XUL
  • I did say text, my bad.
    The tab background color change works great, thank you. I changed the red to black and it's perfect. The active tab was originally silver with white text, that's why the text was unreadable. Now it's black with white text, much easier on the eyes.

    I wonder why the Flock team failed to put tab scroll arrows or a drop down. I'll go find where to report Flock bugs and I'll add that one. I use Flock about 25% of the time. I switch between it, Opera, Firefox, and K-Ninja.

    Thanks for the code. My Flock is much better.
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