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hey everyone, i just wanted to congratulate you all on all the hard work i've found here! it's completely changed my browsing experience for the way better~

that said i have a few questions:
is there anyway to set a delay in firefox css? i googled it, and searched here, but i didn't find the answer (maybe i used poor search terms)
the reason i ask is because i love the style called: 'menubar autohidden' (http://userstyles.org/style/show/1562)
it's nice to have the extra space at the top since my menubar and url/search bar (all on same row) are autohidden. but! the problem comes in when i want to click something in the personal bookmarks folder (the bar just below the autohidden one). if i move to highlight one of the bookmarks to click on it, the menubar comes flying back into place, pushing the bookmark i once had highlighted out of focus! i really love this style, but if i could make it so there is a long enough delay to click a bookmark without the menubar popping out, that would be amazing!

second, i also tried to use the hide scrollbars style (http://userstyles.org/style/show/1084) another awesome one! i took the last poster's advice and changed the code to: body { overflow-y: hidden ! important; overflow-x: auto ! important; } so that i can still have the horizontal scrollbar (since i don't always have a horiz scroll mouse). i noticed that if i middle-click a link somewhere near the bottom of page so that the window opens in the background, the page that had the link i clicked jumps to the top. i just wanted to know if that's normal, if there could be some style conflict, i messed up something else lol

well thanks in advance for the help!


  • 1) You can't "set a delay in firefox css". You could use js, to do this, but it'd be easier to change the second line, in the style, to:
    #navigator-toolbox:not(#bookmarks-ptf):hover > #toolbar-menubar { display: -moz-box ! important; }
    I didn't test this so let me know if it doesn't work and I'll see if I can fix it. Alternatively, you could use my "Toolbars Lite" Custom Button. Just make sure you've got the button on an unhidden toolbar, at all times.

    2) This isn't likely to be caused by the style. What happens if you click the same link, on the same page, with the style disabled?
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