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Apache Error

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When trying to post a userstyle, I get the following error after saving:

"Application error (Apache)

Change this error message for exceptions thrown outside of an action (like in Dispatcher setups or broken Ruby code) in public/500.html"

Is this connected to what I'm trying to post, or is it a server error?


  • OK, it now seems to be working, although I can't submit, as it tells me 'Style Code is invalid'. The only things that 'invalid' according to the validator are -moz-border-radius and text-shadow (I want to use the same CSS for webkit browsers that support text-shadow). Do these cause invalid errors with the stylish submit system?
  • After looking at the thread about xdata in the latest alpha of Stylish, could data urls be causing the error?
  • Usually when I get an error, it's because the CSS code is more than 64k (64,000 characters actually, I think). I don't think the site actually checks for CSS syntax errors, although Stylish itself does. Data URI's should be ok as far as I know.
  • import rules are also not allowed on, though I don't know what error message is displayed if the style you are submitting has such a rule.
  • There are no @import rules, but the file is 76k. So there's no hope of getting it onto userstyles without trimming it?
  • You could upload your data URI images to Imageshack or something.
  • Yeah, most likely the images are taking up the bulk of the code, so I'd figure out a way to optimize those first. If you have any PNG images, I recommend using PNGOUT.
  • OptiPNG and PNGOUT are good, but pngnq and pngquant save even more space. Keep the original pngs if you use these tools because they use lossy compression.
  • Cool...tried out pngquant, and it works really well. Best part is that it preserved my 8-bit alpha channel, while only having 8-bits of color info. Does a damn good job of quantizing too. You have to look real close to tell the difference between a 24-bit and 8-bit image. Thanks for telling us about it.
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