Sorting out styles by date in search results?

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Can we please have an option to sort styles by date of creation when searching?

This search illustrates the need for this:
How can i test all those styles, when what i'm interested in is for the latest styles for Google Reader?

I'm not seeing usage of tags as well (?)


  • I second this request. Being able to sort styles by date would make navigating Userstyles much simpler. I'm pretty surprised that this function hasn't already been implemented.
  • I would like to request this, too.
  • I would like to request this as well. Some of the styles are already obsolete, but the authors usually forgets to mark the styles accordingly.
  • I would also like this option!
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    This feature is definitely needed. Userstyles is a rather basic site at the moment and searching it is quite difficult. Having this feature would greatly improve the site.

    By the way, can someone explain how can help sort UserStyles? I'm confused by what the original poster was talking about there. Thanks.
  • +1 ???
    Userstyles is not updated since a long time.
    No one take care of it (They only take care just our history and infos that they can sell..)
    So, why not +1000000000000 ?
    That's the same.

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