How to install Stylish for Chrome | Chromium

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How do I install Stylish for Chrome | Chromium ?
Simple instructions for a newbie much appreciated.


  • stylish isn't available for chrome
    you can install styles by going to a style page and clicking install script (you may need to update you version of chrome)
  • And keep in mind that the styles that say they would change the Firefox UI won't work in Chrome (you won't get an option to install as a user script on those ones). Also, most styles have not been tested with Chrome.
  • I was wondering, are there any plans to port Stylish to Chrome? The current extensions that try to mimic Stylish fall short by quite a fair margin.
  • I'm planning to see if the Stylish clones improve. If not, and if Chrome gains a significant market share, I'd consider it.

    There are more popular platforms to port to, anyway...
  • To be honest with ya np, Stylish is the one thing keeping me from ever leaving FF :P

    I've become far too dependent on your great extension.
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