Going on vacation

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I'm going on a vacation for up to three weeks. Try not to go all Lord of the Flies on me.


  • You better bring us back something nice :-)
    have a good one
  • Have fun. I'll try to refrain from trashing the site while you're gone.
  • Hope you have a good time, you've earned it. Cya when you get back.
  • I loved how the website went down shortly after he went on vacation lol. I think once np comes back he should look into other alternatives to using rails :P
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    It sure is painful ...waiting...and waiting...and waiting... for the site's pages to load up, expecially since I have 3MB cable internet.
    And ...rails errors galore...
  • Back now, working on the problems.
  • Hello,

    Sorry for the inconveneience.

    We have been experimenting with various forms of throttles in order to
    maintain server stability on all of our servers. The internal server
    error you are seeing is the result of your specific site hitting a
    concurrent connection throttle. The throttle is meant to stop a domain
    from getting exploited or from out of control traffic causing a server to
    crash. They certainly shouldn't stop you from reaching any disk space or
    bandwidth limits. However highly dynamic sites are more likely to trigger
    these ever changing limits as they tend to run up the CPU and RAM usage.

    Since your site is one of the heavy hitters on the apache server, we may
    need to throttle your site in the future. However, I am able to view
    your sites with no problem now.

    Please contact us if there are more questions.
  • I'd be looking for new hosting. 8-(
  • I'm working on lowering the amount of resources the site requires. As a first step, I've replaced the star images on the site listings with a bold/opacity method. Styles rated 1.5 or less will appear transparent; styles rated 4 or more will appear bold. The exact rating is in the tooltip.
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