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Tools and References

edited January 2007 in Style Development
Here's some of the tools and references I use when making styles. It'd be nice if we could get some other style authors to tell us what they use as well.

Firefox extensions

This is the best developer extension ever! Lets you explore/edit html, css, javascript, and more. Make sure you get 1.0 (beta) or better since it's much better than the old version.
DOM Inspector (aka DOMi)
I use this a lot since it allows you to view the DOM heirarchy, which really helps when figuring out CSS selectors.
View Source Chart
Makes a nice organized HTML source code view with colorized blocks. Good for viewing messy html code.
Web Developer
I don't use this much for making styles, but the view css and outline features are sometimes useful. Very good for general web developement though.



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