Stylish messed up my Firefox

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I installed Stylish on Firefox, added some styles for Google and Gmail and Google Reader along with Favicon Firefox Extension and Perma-Tabs Firefox Extension. Now that I have removed all 3 of these due to some problems (Stylish styles weren't getting removed) those styles still aren't getting removed from my Gmail specifically.
When it first loads up, everything looks fine, but after clicking on anything or refreshing the page it looks like this:

Also my "Compose Message" box where you write the message has a black background and white text.

Stylish is removed from my system, but it's still affecting me. Is there anything I can do?


  • If Stylish has been removed, there's no way it can affect what you see. Are you sure that Stylish is off (and that you restarted Firefox), and are you sure you didn't install the styles another way as well, like with Greasemonkey.
  • Never touched Greasemonkey.
    100% sure Stylish is gone as it is no longer in my Firefox Add-Ons list.
    Firefox (and my machine) have both been restarted multiple times.

    This started after I used some Stylish styles though I'm not sure which ones as I stupidly installed 4 or 5 at once before testing them.

    So I take it that no one has seen anything like this then?
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    It looks like one of the Glass styles to me. Since you say you see this in Gmail only, could be this one, don't know, didn't try. However, it's really strange that a style is active while the ext. that suppose to make it active is not there!
    Did you maybe install some 'glassing' ext. and or a mod? Do you use a Gmail theme maybe?
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    I think it would be a Gmail theme that is causing it to do this...
    Then again, it could be userContent.css...
  • It's definitely not that Glass style as I've never seen that before.
    I haven't added anything to Firefox that would change Gmail apart from Stylish, which is no longer installed.
    And I also went in and tried to change the Gmail theme and everything except the font colors change. The font colors stay that same whitish-gray.
    What is userContent.css and how can I revert it back to what it used to be?
  • I didn't suggest you installed that particular style. I said, it looks like one of the Glass styles - the font 'disappearance' is a common problem. However (i said) since you no longer have the ext., no style can be applied. But do you have a 'glassing' ext., like All-Glass or Glasser?
    BTW, what theme are you using there? I went through all of them and didn't see anything like it. Where those clouds come from?
  • The theme is "Tree". The clouds are based on the local weather I believe and it was stormy in my area that day, so I got dark clouds.
  • I see. Did you try without a theme yet? Since you don't know where userContent is, i'll assume you didn't change the color for links there ;-) You also didn't change the settings for font color in the Fx Options/Content/Color, right? It's quite weird but probably has to do with gmail themes. Try switching them, try the default (and of course, restart Fx, just in case).
  • I've tried every theme there including making a custom theme. They all display fine the first time Firefox loads, but if the page gets refreshed somehow they all go back to the messed up view.
    I haven't modified anything else on Firefox that would have caused my colors to change.
    Looks like I'm going to have to reinstall Firefox.
  • Clear cookies and cache first. Might help.
  • Done and didn't.

    Well, thanks for everyone's help, but it looks like this is going to be a restart on Firefox for me.
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    That looks like a gmail theme to me.

    If you could open the DOM Inspector and inspect those links, you might find the culprit. Look for "data:" URIs or non-Google addresses.
  • It does, but when i tried this Trees theme, all my font was blue and black. It looks like visited links font changes to gray but pselus says it shows after a page reload. Weird Doh
  • I've had the same kind of problem, but worse.
    I mixed these two styles (it looks awesome), but I tried to fix the glitch with the logo on the main results page.

    At one point I tried using this theme: [] to fix the problem. But I gave up and disabled, then uninstalled all themes. But somehow the styles stay and it's a fucxen mess now!

    Please somebody help us
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    reinstalling Fx most likely will not help you. Try a new profile first. Don't install any exts., just go to Gmail, use the default theme first. Then change it to the Trees theme. See if you have the same problem there.

    you should just uninstall those 3 styles, clear cache and Google cookies, restart Fx and it all should be back to norm.
  • i had the same problem even though i've uninstalled stylish several times...
    so i thought there should be some files not deleted in the uninstallation process...
    i browsed this folder, and i searched for word "stylish", then i deleted all files...
    it worked for me, i hope it works for you, all...
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