A way to quickly darken a page?

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I just installed stylish and so far I'm it's very helpful for an eye condition I have. I'm curious is there a way to *quickly make pages I visit a dark background with very light grey/greenish text? Maybe a setting for a specified global default background and background text?


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    Also, does anyone know why when I try and apply the code below for userstyles.org (And also on the New York Times website) I can't see the text? I'm assuming I have to add some code for light grey background (cccccc) followed by !important ? thanks!

    @namespace url(http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml);

    @-moz-document domain("userstyles.org") {

    *{background-color:rgb(0,0,0) !important;


    /* For links: */

    a:link{color:rgb(200,230,260) !important;}

    a:visited{color:rgb(130,120,110) !important;}

  • That first color isn't !important but should be.
  • Google "bookmarklet".
  • not sure how I missed that !important it was late when I was trying to figure all this out ;) thanks
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