iGoogle/ Module margin placement: Need help.

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Hi there,
Please help me with the right syntax to narrow this gap on the far RIGHT side
of the page.

screencap is of my iGoogle front page, 2columns (narrow/normal)




  • Mine has 3 columns - #c_1, #c_2 and #c_3. You may only have #c_1 and #c_2.

    I changed #c_3 to {float:right} to eliminate the gap. Then you may want to manually resize #c_1 and #c_2 to eliminate the gap between them.
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    Ok. I was able to narrow the gaps on the left and the middle with this

    #modules{padding: .5% 4px 1px 1px !important;}
    .yui-u{ margin:4px !important}

    If I do like you advised above, it kinds messes up the placement when I change, say to 3 colums or go back to 2 or 1
    what else do u suggest?
  • I would expect it to mess up the placement when you switch between 1, 2 and 3 columns.

    Pick a layout and stick with it or you'll be tweaking it forever.
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    Looks like that's what I'd have to do.
    Thanks again.


    Works great now :)
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