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Can someone please help. For the first time since installing the Globex Gmail Redesigned Style, I updated it. Prior to that time I thought it was the best style I'd ever used. Now, it seems that ads from sponsors (Sponsored Links) are auto-loading to the right of my message text. Does anyone know if there is a good Style I can use which would be compatible with this Gmail Style, that would remove these ridiculous "Sponsored Link" ads.

Aside from this, I think that the update to this Gmail Style added a lot of stuff that was needed, one of which things is the redesigned Contacts display. I still like this Style, but need to have those ads removed. I just need to know if any of these user-Styles (which are ordinarily known for removing ads) are compatible with this Gmail Style.



  • Although, I don't support the removal of ads. If you do a search for gmail styles here, there are several styles which will do this for you.
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    Go here to download:
  • Thank you (both) for your help.

    Much Appreciated!
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