Have to sign in every visit

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i open the forum and the styles sites from a bookmark at once and while i'd be signed in on the styles site, i'm always signed out on the forum site (userstyles.org/forum/ - unread threads). I'm keeping all cookies but 'show_ads' (what is it anyway?).
Any idea why is this happening?


  • If you open them at the same time, and they use the same cookie, it might be this bug: Bug 315699 – Auto-login Cookies not always working

    Personally, I only stay logged in on the forum until I use a different computer. Every time I access the forum on a different computer (one that I previously logged in from) I have to log in. If I don't use a different computer then I stay logged in between sessions.
  • The cookies for the forum are lussumocookieone and lussumocookietwo - are these set?

    show_ads is an indicator for the site to know whether to show ads or not (the setting that's there when you edit your account) - it's in a cookie to allow the server to cache certain pages.
  • Wouldn't you know - i'm signed in on both today! Go figure... (19 times out of 20 i am not). Yes, all userstyles.org cookies are allowed and protected by Cookie Culler.
    Thank you both!
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