Cannot see my updated comments

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Ive updated my comments on several styles but I keep seeing my old comment (with the old date). Any ideas?


  • try reloading the page after you update it
  • Didnt work. I even tried a different browser (IE) and I still only see my old comment.

    Heres my comment for greasy black - google 2008 ( ALL except GMail ):

    If I click on Post a review then I will see my new comment:
  • oops thought you meant for the actual styles
  • I have the same problem.
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    Who wants to bet NP is working on the straight-to-forum comments system he mentioned? Either way, it is definately broken right now. This morning I saw the ratings on my slashdot styles change. When I checked them for comments, there was not a new rating/review. Either the rating erroneously changed, or someone's post didn't get saved but the rating increment did... I guess.
  • This is the same problem as the stats seemingly not updating. The page isn't being uncached when comments are updated.
  • This looks to be fixed now. All the comments that people posted that didn't show up should be showing up now.
  • So it is. Thanks, np.
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