PROPOSAL: Complexity/Simplicity Index

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Hi np,
The level of Style complexity/simplicity would be a nice feature along with the ratings...
How? I can think of two CSS terms: A. # of Selectors and B. # of Properties
These two Numbers could be calculated and set at Style Upload time.
After that a way to rank with some sort of Formula would be just spiffy.
Like the rating system 1>5 from VERY SIMPLE to EXTREMELY COMPLEX...
Jason this type of Index allows the users to form conclusions without seeing the "In-Erds"...
Just an idea.
BTW it would give those starting out a bit of insight into the depth of the published styles...
and allow "Lists"/"Sorts" ablity by Index... Maybe a new Feed or front page "feature"...
Anyone else?


  • It'd be fairly interesting data to look at, but I don't see how this would help users. There are already two metrics of how good a style is, which is probably one too many.
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    When viewing the Style listing the Index could be displayed next to the Stars.

    This WOULD help US distinguish in a list of say 10,000+ Styles which style might be HiGHLY complex and could contain methods(Secrets?) that could be incorporated into a NEW style. And vice versa SIMPLE methods could work towards the same goal. But as it is now you have to investigate (Hunt and Peck) to find an approach or rational. Sorry but I value my time and including this Index would make US more productive! just by presenting some additonal analytics.

    Also this index could be included in the RSS feeds. BTW: Why isn't the RATING being included in the UPDATED styles Feed and on the Styles detail?

    Metrics? 1. Downloads 2. Rating
    Are we on the same page? I "assume" these are the two in your reference.

    BTW Another useful metric would be Views?

    One Two many? The more the merrier!

    Keeping an open mind, the idea would be to get the Index functional and then understand the Scope and Potential usages.

    Jason I envision this Tool taking off pretty quick with some additional exposure and UserStyles growth could/would be phenomenal so "Getting the features"
    in place to assist in this growth is key to future success stories for NEW style creators!

    As you can tell I am Enthused! and it's !important...
  • Metrics are good, but there's a point where you have to decide what's useful to the majority of people. Most people don't care about how complex a style is, they only care about how good a style is. "Goodness" ideally would be one metric, but right now it's two. Adding an additional metric to style listings would only serve to confuse most people.

    There's some reworking to be done with style listings in the near future, something like this may have a place but it won't likely be there by default.
  • Another RIP I get it...
    Thanx for the contemplation anyway.
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