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I'm writing a code to change how search results links look

@namespace url(; @-moz-document url-prefix(http), url-prefix(file) { a:link { text-decoration:none !important; color:#3366FF !important; } a:visited { text-decoration:none !important; color:#FF6666 !important; } a:hover { text-decoration:underline !important; } a:active { text-decoration:underline !important; } /* */ big { font-size: 100% !important; } a > b { font-weight:normal !important; } a > em { font-weight:normal !important; } a > strong { font-weight:normal !important; } a { border:none !important; } } breaks it
example link

code from the first hit

<li id="i1_0"> <a class="ItemThumb" title="groovy and cool dancing (/watch/853494/groovy_and_cool_dancing/)" href="/watch/853494/groovy_and_cool_dancing/"> <img alt="groovy and cool dancing" src=""/> <em class="PlayItem"><span>Play Item</span></em> <small class="ItemDuration">01:32</small> </a> <span class="ItemInfo"> <a class="ItemTitle" title="groovy and cool dancing (/watch/853494/groovy_and_cool_dancing/)" href="/watch/853494/groovy_and_cool_dancing/"> <big> groovy and cool dancing</big><small>24-Oct-07</small> </a> <a class="ItemDescription" href="/watch/853494/groovy_and_cool_dancing/" title="/watch/853494/groovy_and_cool_dancing/"> <small class="ItemStatistics"> <span class="ItemRating">Rated <em>2.87</em></span><span class="ItemViews"><em>689</em> Views</span> <span class="ItemComments"><em>1</em> Comments</span> </small> <span>groovy and cool dancing</span> </a> <strong class="ItemSubmitter"> <span>By:</span> <a title="cermin (/channels/cermin/)" href="/channels/cermin/">cermin</a></strong> </span> </li>

One thing I need to overwrite is the big tag - but the code I used to do so - didn't work.

"groovy and cool dancing" should be in blue since it's a link - it's not.


  • your code selects link tags but not big tags and i assume the website adds some css to the big tags so
    changea:link { text-decoration:none !important; color:#3366FF !important; }toa>big, a:link { text-decoration:none !important; color:#3366FF !important; }ora>big{color:#3366FF!important}
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