forum account: can't change anything (php error)

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On , here's what it outputs at the bottom:
"Fatal error: Cannot use string offset as an array in /home/usersty/user_styles/public/forum/themes/account_identity_form.php on line 114"

And even if the "save button" is visible (this means: previous php bug doesn't occur), there's a strange error:
"Some problems were encountered
The username you entered is already taken by another user."

I don't know at all where it can come from, but it seems this form has been "piped" to some sort of registration form, so I can't change anything.
( And yes I've signed in when I have tested this page ^^ )


  • The main site and the forum use a common sign in system. If you want to change your name, you change it on the main site, and it gets updated automatically on the forum.

    As for updating the other data, that's a bug I know about.
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