help? styles all disabled when i start my browser

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hi everyone!
im using firefox and every time i close and reopen my browser all of my stylish addons are disabled :( and i have to go enable them one by one again. it's really annoying... how do i fix it? i do have !important after each line so idk whats wrong!


  • don't think i've heard of that happening before, try going to the profile folder and renaming stylish.rdf then start firefox add a few styles and see if it still happens
  • what do you mean by renaming stylish.rdf?

    thanks for the help :)
  • to like stylidh.rdf.old
  • it still won't work :( when i did that none of my styles showed up.. not even when i went to addons - stylish - they were just gone, so i renamed it stylish.rdf and its the same as before - it doesn't work until i go through, open, and save each style. help?
  • Set javascript.options.showInConsole to true and let me know if you see anything that mentions Stylish.

    Also, send your stylish.rdf to
  • I sent it to you!

    And I set that but nothing happened..?
  • It turns on reporting of errors from extensions in the Error Console.
  • Using your stylish.rdf, things work fine for me.

    Do the styles show up unchecked in Manage Styles after you restart, or are they checked but just don't apply?
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