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Hi Jason,
Any chance of getting Feed support for the Forums? I searched the Vanilla site and they have php Feed abilities but from what I can tell you don't have them
installed or enabled... I would like to be able to monitor the forum(s) with my reader... Just another PLUS for a great tool... Thanx in advance


  • It's probably an add-on... can you find a link to an add-on that you'd want?
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    So shall you recieve,

    RSS2 Feed 1.0.2 Addon

    That should do the trick..
  • Posted By: HullaBalooSo shall you recieve
  • Hit the Mark! Great Jason Thank you, now I can Klip the Site! It should be noted that the RSS2 button works for all Pages for narrowing the feed request if so desired... Very nice Addition
  • very nice! but it seems if one subscribes (using rss icon in Fx to default to Tb as reader) that the Forum page gets just the Topic first posts, while subscribing on a Topic/Discussion page gets all subsequent comments in that topic.

    i'd want to get all Topics and their Comments with one subscribe.. and the big thing is threading Comments together - all it would take (in Tb) is adding a Reference tag in the header referring to the original post. that way we could get a nice organized view like: Forum Feed
  • well, that did get me 30 Comments from all Topics in one sub, excluding (wrongly i think) ones from this topic that were part of this Topic's feed subscribed previously. kinda un user friendly to do a blank search first tho..

    and no threading, which makes it not useful vs. the web based forum. seems like Lussumo should do this mod right for everyone and add the Ref header.
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