Keep getting the "Update in Stylish" button

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For every style I have installed, when I visit the style's page (as in, every time), I get the "Update in Stylish" button with its "this style has been updated since you installed it in Stylish" message. (No, none of the styles have been updated.) I'm running Stylish 0.5.6.

What's goin' on here? (I don't remember this ever happening before.)



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    OK... a little more info after checking a bunch of Fx installs. This happens with 0.5.3, 0.5.5, and 0.5.6. (There's no 0.5.4?)

    (Edit: correction, after yet more checking)
  • Well, apparently this is due to the "re-hosted" nature of Stylish code now; the process no longer works, so this is "normal" behavior.
  • Yes. The "Update in Stylish" button reappears as soon as you refresh the page. I figured out it was "normal" behaviour after updating styles on several OS... but it's a bit annoying: hard to keep track of what you did update and where when you write styles, upload them on and download them back on different computers.
  • Yeah, it started when the site switched to dynamically load the CSS to save bandwidth. I've got a fix coming up, but it'll require a new version of Stylish.
  • Hello all,

    Just tested the new version 0.5.7 (posted above), I can confirmed the above issue reported by TS are solved with this new version... :)

    Thank ;)
  • Cannot download 0.5.7.xpi from the above link, it keeps downloading 0.5.6xpi instead.
  • It does fix it!
    Thank you :-)
  • @ Mo Husen
    ? I just installed 0.5.7 twice from that link .
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    I have too, now.
    Thank you.
  • Don't worry about the FF Add-ons dialog, which doesn't refresh the version and still reports 0.5.6 until you restart. It did actually download and install 0.5.7. (FF versions : Iceweasel/Debian and ).
  • Agnelo,

    That is exactly what happened to me when I said
    "Cannot download 0.5.7.xpi from the above link, it keeps downloading 0.5.6xpi instead."
    Everything ok now.
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