All code is missing from styles I try to install

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Since I've become addicted to the Firefox (2) Stylish extension and all these great themes and tweaks you guys come up with, I'm thinking maybe I made just ... one ... change ... too many. Now, whenever I browse .org and pick a new style I want to try out ... all the code text is missing. I get an error that simply says "Enter code for this style". I can't preview or save, because there's ... nothing to preview or save. To work around it, I press the 'Show Code' button, then copy the code text and paste it into the little window -- then I can Preview it, Save it, etc.

? Any ideas? Is it something I twitched perhaps? Thanks.


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    O.o I'm getting the same problem too. I'm pretty sure it has to do with np's update to reduce bandwidth by having the "code dynamically added via an XHR". I'm betting the addon needs to be updated to work with this. np, please fix this.

    as a work around, click load into stylish, click cancel, then click load into stylish again. Its should work this way without you having to copy & paste.
  • Whoops... This happened because I made a change from synchronous to asynchronous requests. The Stylish dialog is being opened before the code is finished loading. Try it out now.
  • Works now for me. I notice a very slight lag And spike in cpu processing on some styles loading. I'm guessing its from requesting larger styles, dynamically inserting them into the page while calling & injecting it into stylish? (Yes I sound like a poser trying to appear smart :P) Anyways, I was just pointing that out. Nothing big and its a good trade off to save your bandwidth.

    Thanks for the quick fix np :)
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