Preferences menu is too small osx firefox

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I want to remove some styles I got that I don't really like anymore but as a post I've seen before said the menu bar buttons don't work and so I can go to the add ons window and click preferences on stylish and the window appears but it's about an inch by an inch and I can't make things move around in it or resize it any suggestions?


  • What about if you open it from the status bar icon?
  • I'm having the exact same issue. No matter how I open stylish, from status bar icon or addons pref pane, on two intel macpros os x, (10.5 and 10.4), the stylish pref pane windows dimenions are STUCK at like an 1"x1".
    It seems to occur when two conflicting(?) styles are active at the same time.
    I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling with no luck.
    Doing "about:config" and sorting on stylish shows me nothing useful for reseting it's window dimensions, or otherwise any relevant information to reset the extension.
    Has anyone encountered and then solved this problem before?
  • there's got to be an answer, this is too cool of an extension to just write off because of something thats probably very simple to fix
  • Unfortunately I don't have access to a Mac to test this.

    If you rename stylish.rdf in your profile folder, does it come up then?
  • I renamed it, I wasn't sure what to name it as so I just changed it to stylish1.rdf nothing changed, still unable to bring it up via the tools menu and when I go to addons
  • everytime I rename it a new one with the old filename pops up
  • Yeah, stylish.rdf stores settings, so I think he was seeing if that would fix it getting rid of them. The new stylish.rdf is a clean slate for stylish.
  • What happens if you put chrome://stylish/content/manage.xul in the location bar?
  • that seems to have worked, thanks a bunch
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