Firefox 3 beta 5

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Hey there, I love stylish. I'm wondering if there's a way to make it compatible with the latest firefox beta. Is there some way I can help (recompiling, making a change and committing the changes to a subversion/git repository somewhere)?...


  • Yes please. Let us know if there's any way to help. I'd like to get back to work in FF3 asap.
  • No help needed, it's just a matter of updating the compatibility information. It was compatible up to 3.0 b5pre previously.

    I've updated the page on AMO, but there's a bug in AMO. Not sure whether checking for updates would give you the new version now.
  • Updated with AMO, even though on Install it said "Not compatible." But it seems to be working now.

  • Yep, that did it. You are wonderful.
  • I cannot install on FF3b5. It downloads from the UMO site but then says it is incompatible with my FF.
  • been working fine for me for like a month.
    download it (don't install), open it as a zip file, open the install.rdf as a text file, change 3.0b4 to 3.0b8 or something (to save you trouble in the future)
    the versioning is just so obnoxious with the ff betas... there should be a manual override directly in firefox
  • @michal
    Use MrTech Toolkit Alpha: to make it compatible. Its working fine here.
    You also need to create this: entry in about:config and set it to false.
  • I've been using Stylish in FF 3 beta 5 for weeks (long enough to forget exactly how long ago it was). Works fine.
  • There was some update and the extension installs now.


    BTW the toolkit thingy has many features but some are badly broken.
    The "repair extension list" marked half my extensions as incompatible.
  • All your shit sucks, dude...
    Even the most basic shit I loaded just to get a DEMO look at the styling, and.... nothing, but nothing.... Heck, not even shit....

    Why do you do this kind of work, when it's obvious that you know less about doing this than you do engineering nuclear physics...
    Really, get a real job and quit enticing people into wasting their time.
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    Who's that suppose to be aimed at, and what in the hell are you talking about?
  • Posted By: t31osWhat? Who's that suppose to aimed at, and what in the hell are you talking about?
    I second that question
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