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What do you do with the codes? I can't install anything because I don't know where to copy and paste them or anything like that. Please help me, there are many cool things I want to download but I can't unless I know where to put or what to do with the codes.



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    After you install stylish & restart your browser, come back to this site.
    Find a style you like.
    Look below the title, description, and code. You will see where it says "Install options".
    There will be a button that says "Load into Stylish", click it.
    You will get a popup showing the code.
    Click save to install it or
    click preview to preview it(you need to goto whatever site its for to see the effect) or
    click cancel if you don't wanna install it.
    To install a code from the forum, goto Stylish
    goto "Write Style" and click "Blank Style"
    Paste the code in its entirety.
    Add a name or description at the top where it says "Description"
    Then either click save or preview or cancel.
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