Scroll bar reverted to "new look"
  • since yesterday, the gmail doesn't use the older scroll bars, but the flat-shaded new look scroll bars.
  • Yeah, sadly a lot of Return of Old Gmail seems to be breaking very quickly. I loved it in the beginning, now I might have to stop using it because things are becoming non-funcitonal. Right now things are even worse for me, I don't have a functioning scroll bar at all anymore.
  • This is driving me crazy, has anyone found a fix for this?
  • I am having the same issue. I now have a triple scroll bar, one for the chat box, one for the inbox frame and one for the window as a whole that just moves the frames, but not the content within.
  • Frames are no longer 'broken' and I can only scroll the email list when my mouse is in the email list area.
  • Hi friends!

    I just have updated the userstyle and made some major fixes including the scrolling area/frame. I've also optimized some properties for Chrome and now it's working flawlessly.

    Kindly update the style and let me know your thoughts.

  • Hi there!

    The scrolling problem is fixed now, update the style to 3.2.2 and enjoy :)
  • Hmm, I just updated and don't seem to have any scroll bar at all on the right side.

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