Looks good but has issues on non-native gmail (ie google hosted email)
  • Looks far better (and allows me to scroll) but doesn't allow you to select anything in the top couple of inches on things like virginmedia mail (provided by google/gmail).

    Seeing as this is the whole reason I *need* a style (to shrink the wasted space at the top and allow me to scroll) it is unfortunately useless for me.
  • I (in fact anybody except Google) really have no control over this problem. I've just tried to make it like the older one.
    Also, I just updated the script, if you still have the style installed, would you please check it and reply if it fixes the problem or not?

  • Hi!

    Just updated the style to a more stable Version. I'm also working on to make it stable for non-native Gmail.

    Thanks :)
  • I never tried the earlier versions (to see what the problem was), but the latest version seems to be working okay on my hosted email. Great theme, thanks!
  • Hi Seanf

    Glad you liked the style. Please consider rating it here: http://forum.userstyles.org/post/discussion?Discussion/StyleID=57755

    Regards :)

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