• Yeap, that works. Thanks! How about updates, do i still have to check us.o periodically?
  • I don't think so. Should only have to click on "Check for Updates" menuitem in tools drop down menu in the Addon Manager, unless it is set for automatic updates. I get all your's that way.
  • WOW! Great script, srazzano! Thanks! :)

    Makondo, thanks for mentioning it.
    Sure does clean up the All Discussions page. :)
  • Well, i miss srazzano when i don't ask him to do something for a day or so .... Tongue
  • srazzano, the us.o page says - last updated 3hrs ago but my AM doesn't find any updates. I guess the version you linked here is the updated one then, right?

    EDIT: i know about a:visited 'security' issue but still, do you think it might be possible to override a style using a button? Any ideas here? TIA!
  • mikedl,
    it's easier to use srazzano' script. Unfortunately, my brushed style for this side is coded so that they clash. But with the script, you can simply add keywords in the filter field, OK it and done. I believe you can even add words just by highlighting them (yeap, it actually says so in the description).
  • Actually, I was commenting on the one srazzano originally presented:

    I missed his updated post as the thread rolled to a new page.
  • That's the one by ChoGGi that srazzano edited. But srazzano has a script i linked above which is easier to use... If it doesn't mess with your us.o layout which it does for me and thus i have to use another script, it used to be that ChoGGi's script.
  • Ahhh, I see ... let me give that one a spin, then. Thanks, makondo! :)
  • I don't see how to get that script to do what srazzano's earlier presentation of his edited Choggi code does.

    That's a lot of code to wade through in order to figure out the proper place wherein to place an edit.
  • I have both scripts enable, at the moment, and neither affects my us.o style.
    Well, besides hiding a few threads on the All Discussions page. :)
  • With srazzano' script i linked above, you should see a filter under the search bar. Just highlight a word in a thread title, like 'Facebook', for instance, this word will show in that filter field. Click OK button. Page should reload and all threads containing the word 'facebook' should be gone. I don't remember if it's case sensitive, let me check.
    No, it isn't. See the shot here:
    Try typing 'makondo' in the filter - all threads with my name should disappear from the index (including this one!). Click the Toggle (Filtered/Unfiltered) button and they all should re-appear. You can delete the word (makondo) if you want to see those threads again. If you can't figure how to, you should be able to do this from about:config, filter that to something like 'srazzano' and you should see it/Rclick/Modify.
  • Click "OK" where?
  • For some reason, that script, though enabled:


    isn't showing up in my GM Scripts pop-up for the us.o page ...:

  • Hmm, restart? You need to be on the forum Index page. Here's a shot of the srazzano' shot ( Headspinning ):

    298 x 83 - 12K
  • Just did that a minute ago to back up my profile and, just now, did it again ... no change. :(
  • Nope. Not seeing that even with my us.o Style disabled.

    I had a bunch of Win7 updates this evening and, also, restarted my computer.
  • Odd. I just installed it:


    (you can see why i can't use it but it is working, installed and enabled). What Fx version do you use? What GM version?
    361 x 66 - 12K
  • Fx 15.0a1 Win64.

    GM 0.9.19.
  • srazzano's edited Choggi script is working fine.

    And, yeah, I uninstalled the Script, restarted Fx, installed the Script, restarted Fx and, still, nothing. :(
  • Mine is Fx13b, 2012.05.11.nightly but the script used to work for me no matter what. Wonder if it doesn't work on Fx15.... but why wouldn't it?!Hmmm...
    Hang in there, srazzano will feed his kids another pizza and will try to help, i'm sure. Don't give up, it's a good, very easy to use script. You won't need the first one. Trust me. Unless, of course, you wouldn't want it to mess with your style but i wouldn't know that, you'll have to figure that one out.
  • Thanks, makondo, for all your help. :)

    You are, indeed, a Saint. :D

  • Just a try, maybe uninstall, clear your cache, restart, install?
  • Can't do that. Too much in my cache I don't want to lose.

    Everything else is working as it should.
  • OK. This is very odd though. I can't think of a one single reason why it wouldn't work. I think i'll hang in here, too curious!
  • Let me uninstall GM and reinstall it ... brb ...

    EDIT: No change. :(
  • Have you ever tried using GM nightlies? Bugs are possible, like with any nightly, but they get fixed faster than waiting for a release version.
    Once installed, like Fx nightlies - you'll get GM nightlies updates.
  • Thanks, makondo. Just installed the GM nightly and my pop-up still doesn't show the Tab View Script (looks the same as the screen cap I presented earlier) but the edited Choggi code is slogging away just fine. :-S
  • Hang on ... the Script only works on the main us.o page (not the forum page).


    Looks great! :)


    Whereas srazzano's edited Choggi Script works on the forum page.

    Is that intentional?
  • Ummm... that's a different script, that's the Table View Plus for The one i'm linking to is for the and it's called Forum Extract
  • makondo said:

    Ummm... that's a different script, that's the Table View Plus for The one i'm linking to is for the and it's called Forum Extract

    Wow. I messed up somewhere. Srazzano linked to the Table View Script at the bottom of the previous page.

    I thought that was what we were discussing. :\">
  • Hehaha! I was beginning to think you're still recovering from 'a fiesta' too!
  • @mikedl,
    This is the script for hiding unwanted block in forum: but as makondo was saying, if you have that site style, the filter may not show correctly. Coded the script for default theme of the site as in screenie. If you highlight a word or phrase, on mouse up, it will be inserted into the input box, then click the input boxes OK button to apply. You can also hover over the word without selecting the link and double-click to have that word inserted as well. Middle click in the inbox will insert all active keywords and click the inbox delete button to restore back to default. While you have blocks hidden, use the filtered button to toggle show/hide the filtered blocks.

    This script: also for the forum but does not affect the theme. Have to go into the script to manually add keywords. For example:
    //edit to suit your tastes (i = ignore case)
    var hideThese = [/facebook/i,/tumblr/i,/orkut/i,/jappy/i,/noritaro/i,/666threesixes666/i];

    Post a screenshot of the header section of and I will see if the Forum Extract script will work.

    I will work on a button to insert into the site that will bring up a popup where the info can be inserted to hide the block so this way it will not affect any theming on the page.
    999 x 58 - 23K
  • Ah, thanks so much guys! :D

    Got it! :)

  • mikedl,
    i have a style for the Table script (pay attention now! - Table script, the one you show in your screenshots before the last). I don't suggest you use it but you can get IDs from there and style it for your style (Attention! - not!).
  • srazzano,
    is there an about:config string i can edit instead of the script (for the forum)? I couldn't find it.
  • @makondo,
    No, not for the modified choGGi script. However, as I mentioned above, I will work on a button that will bring up a dialog window to enter the keywords so that will not affect any theming on the page. Or perhaps a custombuttons-button that will work with forum and userstyles!
  • That will be AWESOME!! Thanks!

    I have a problem .... BB.
    No, i don't have a problem, fixed Yeap!
  • makondo said:

    i have a style for the Table script (pay attention now! - Table script, the one you show in your screenshots before the last). I don't suggest you use it but you can get IDs from there and style it for your style (Attention! - not!).


    Thanks, makondo, but I'll style the Table Script to match my us.o Style when I get the time.

    I've already updated my us.o Style to take into account the Forum Extract Script without affecting my original us.o Style too much. :)

    Again, thanks to you both! :D
  • As i said, "I don't suggest you use it but you can get IDs from there...". Just makes it a bit easier.
    My forum style changes layout quite a bit making it extremely difficult if not impossible to style the script without breaking my style for those who don't use the script.
    I'll wait for the button, that will be one awesome button!
  • srazzano,
    i'm thinking .... ( Oops!..oi!.. )

    ... how about a .... 'Universal Flush'em Button'? A button that can be edited (a popup is fine) for more than us.o but maybe mozine, CB, some other sites/forums people would like to hide crap that annoys them by keywords. You get what i mean?
  • srazzano said:

    Post a screenshot of the header section of and I will see if the Forum Extract script will work.

    This is as far as I got ... working well but the "action" icons aren't showing up in my Style (I put a yellow background on them so I could see them):


    I left the relevant code in my Style but commented it out and, for now, disabled the Forum Extract Script (it was also hiding posts in threads wherein keywords existed but I wanted to see them) - my CSS code with the Script ain't ready for prime-time yet ... :\">

    Still, the "Userstyles hide websites" is working wonderfully on the All Discussions page. :)
  • @makondo, Yeah, can do.
    @mikedl, let me finish my button and probably it will obsolete those other scripts (combine everything into one as makondo suggested). So with a popup dialog, it will not affect page theming.
  • Thanks, srazzano! :)

    Once again, you are, indeed ... Awesome! :D
  • No rush, srazzano, you know, we can wait (a few minutes)!... coffee break anyone?

    ( isn't it ready yet?!... )
  • @makondo,
    Try this with your forum Brushed style:
    You can eliminate where you have width: 105% and width: 110% in your style. I added in the script and auto size of the #Content area according to screen resolution. Add this to scroll bookmarks in right pane when it overflows:

    { max-height: 330px !important;
    overflow: auto !important; }

    #Bookmarks a,
    { word-wrap: break-word !important; }

    For now, added all the above into script except for the width %'s. For some reason disabled the install of the script. I emailed the admin to see what's up with that! Perhaps they don't like your style :\">
    399 x 340 - 71K
    273 x 364 - 79K
  • Nope, it's a royal mess now.
    I like your icons though.
    Sorry, i can't even take a shot - it differs when you resize the window.

    Thread page:
    1. Can use script only if i resize the window to be wide - i rarely do that, i usually resize it to see my styles in the sidebar. There's something wrong with the width of the page:

    2. Delete and Create should be swapped, IMO. Logically, first you create, then you delete.

    3. I don't want to delete anything in my style 'cause it looks good w/out the script and not everybody uses both, i'm sure. I'd rather leave my style as is.

    4. And i can't use it also 'cause it messes my style for textboxes. Seems to be border: 1px solid ... in the first block. I guess, your script doesn't accommodate that one px and Create icon runs on the second line:


    Overall, pages are screwed. The width is out of range:
    Index page (see the threads under the right panels?):


    Thread page (see the comment box/smileys icon all the way out to the right? ):

    309 x 214 - 40K
    499 x 452 - 140K
    360 x 516 - 109K
    499 x 452 - 140K
  • BTW, i have this in my brushed style (doesn't seem to matter though):

    { white-space: pre-wrap !important; }
  • srazzano,
    check this out, i think you might like it:

    Oh, and change the throbber to this Wink :
    138 x 28 - 9K
  • srazzano,
    any news about the button? Or did you give up? No rush, just thought i'll ask.
    If its a CB, it won't need any of this site css ',cause it will be a popup ... which can be styles in the Help tab, right?

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