Help! I need somebody!..
  • Huh?
    Look at my style to see what i'm talking about (the progress bar?):
  • I get the black progress bar on that page... HTML5 player for me:

    (btw, don't worry about the transparent part of the player, I get that on html5 players for some reason...)
    Edit: remove the spaces from the link:
    https:// .com/watch?v=5qa6KIomTRg &html5=True
    1440 x 900 - 637K
  • and with the help of a quick startpage search, apend &html5=True to the end of a youtube link
  • Doesn't work for me, i get the old flash progress.
    @the gap there. I've seen this before, i believe it's there by default but i tried to deal with that ... difficult if i don't see those players very often. Will have to wait or else somebody else will come up with an idea ... happens.
  • Argh! The white line on YTube ('next' arrow in the top slider - see the previous page) is back! Can't use .yt-uix-slider {position: absolute !important;} It hides the white line but everything else shifts and page is messed up seriously. This is what i'm still looking a solution for:

    Here's the style.
    106 x 149 - 17K
  • #masthead-expanded-lists-container:after {
    border-left: none !important;
  • Oh, man! It works!! Thanks, srazzano!
  • @ that progressbar for html5 - forget it, i found one and the style is updated.
  • In this style for addons manager (needs to be combined with this one), there's a small but very annoying problem which, i believe exist in the default AM but is more obvious with my and/or !K.WeEabo0o styles: the description in the right panel moves, kinda jumps left and back in place.
    DblClick any ext. and watch the right side jump left and back. I think the default does this too but it's not as obvious 'cause the whole view loads as a page vs. just one side as with the Duel side style.
    I think it has to do with some transition(-s).
    So, could somebody please help me to figure this out and maybe 'correct' the behavior?
  • What's causing the jumping are the images - the width's of the addon icon and the screenshot (if available) are affecting the description details placement.

    I don't see a way to fix this, unless you're okay with display:none the images.
  • There screenshots? I don't see any screenshots. BUT! It gave me an idea which works: #detail-icon size set. Thanks, mouse! Credited.
  • I see that you #detail-screenshot set to display: none in your style. I didn't bother installing either 'cause you said you can see the shifting with default Addons Manager.

    Good thing you did remove #detail-screenshot anyway, it would've complicate things and is not all that useful.
  • Oh ... haha ... Thaaat screenshot!... forgot all about it! Yeah, i pretty much know how an option window of an ext. i'm using looks Hehe I think Mozilla developers are teenagers seeing their obsession with pictures, caricatures (AMO) and animations (their photos are fakes, of course!).
    What do you mean you didn't bother to install?! It's a great style! It actually makes you want to open AM Hehe!...
  • It actually makes you want to open AM

    Hah! That's a good advertising line. :)
  • Could somebody please tell me if it's possible to change a tooltip? I have bookmarks toolbar as a button for one folder and would like to change its tooltip from default ('Show more bookmarks') to that folder title.
  • And another one.
    I would like to change the color of the text 'No description available' on Ytube. Possible?
  • makondo said:

    And another one.
    I would like to change the color of the text 'No description available' on Ytube. Possible?

    #eow-description {color: red !important;} works for me.
  • Yes, but this colors the whole description. I want only that phrase 'No description available' to be in red.
    I have the description hidden with only top tips showing. I don't want to keep clicking Show more button just to see 'No description available'. But if i can make that phrase red, i will know (by those top tips) that there's no description. I tried :before, content: , etc. stuff but can't get it.
    Like this:
    154 x 40 - 5K
  • The only thing that differs between no description and a description is the use of the EM tag. But the problem is that I don't know if this is always true. Are YT users allowed basic text formatting? If not, then I think it would be safe to use the following selector for no description.

    #eow-description > EM
  • Hmm... that seems to work, i tried it before and it was applied to a description. Well, i tried now again and it looks as i want it to. Go figure! Anyway, thanks, mouse! One down one to go: any ideas about changing a tooltip?
  • No ... probably no easy solution to do that.
  • Well, it will be hard to explain. I have 2 buttons, one for the bkmrks toolbar, one for the Bookmarks menu. It's a bit confusing which one is what and try to remember that if it says 'Show more ...', it's my folder.
  • Too bad there isn't an extension to let you place Bookmark folders or even single bookmarks as toolbar buttons anywhere. A whole bar (bmark toolbar) is too much space wasted when you don't have 20 places that you want to use everyday.

    Not that I need it though, and Bookmarks Menu is probably good enough to fill that niche - easily accessible without wasting space.
  • Using Menu Editor, i made 2 menubar items, Tools - i have everything i need there, and Bookmarks - which Menu Editor doesn't deal with. I then made the bkmrks toollbar a button too, it's a long story but there's a thread somewhere if i can find it.
    So, i now have 2 buttons: one - toolbar which contains only one folder and one for the rest of my bkmrks. Had to move stuff around a bit but i'm pretty happy to just have 3 buttons for all that. It's just that, as i said, i'd like the tooltip to reflect what's in there. Not really life threatening, just thought it'd be nice.
  • Is it possible to add bg to something like this:
    A[class="postlink"][href="custombutton://long string here"]
    What i mean is 'long string here' part is always different, the rest is always the same. Is there a way i can keep this part [href="custombutton:// ? Another words, i'd like a bg only for links that are custombuttons.
  • Sorry to intervene, but what about a simple:

    A[class="postlink"][href^="custombutton://"] { background: white /*or whatever*/ !important; }
  • Thanks, that's it! '^' < that did it! I use this stuff rarely and can never remember what's what.

    What do you mean 'intervene'?! Did you see the thread' title? 'HELP!...' Help?

    Thanks, grom!
  • Somehow, I misread the thread title as "SRAZZANO!"... Guess I need some glasses... or sleep. :/

    Funny thing, I learned about it only recently. Remember this?

    Thanks for crediting! :)>-
  • Hehe!... Not only do i remember, i have it saved for reference locally! Never crossed my mind to look it up!

    And no, thank you! Wink
  • I really would like to get this one once and for all! Since most of my styles are dark, the select option dropdown menu is always a pain sticking out with its whitish border thicker on the left. I looked at the forms.css file and took everything related (IMO) to it and still no luck.

    Here's an example, it's better seen with my style .
    Go to and click on the languages select box. You should see this:


    Now, i took everything i thought was relevant (from the forms.css file) and put it like this, you can see i threw everything i could thing of in there:

    select, option, select>option, select option,
    option:checked, select:focus > option:checked,
    select:focus > optgroup > option:checked,
    optgroup, optgroup > option,
    { border: 1px solid black !important;
    background-color: black !important;
    -moz-appearance: none !important;
    color: #ccc !important; }

    ... which made absolutely no difference (for that menu that is)!

    PLEASE, please, help Tears i will wash your feet for the rest of the year ( Nono )
    236 x 305 - 10K
  • Ssooo ... i guess nobody wants their feet washed, huh?
  • makondo said:

    Ssooo ... i guess nobody wants their feet washed, huh?

    Give us some time ... now, if you were a gal, I might get a bit more busy on that offer ... :\">

    J/K, makondo. :)

    I'll check it out when I have time but you already do things way over my pay grade ...
  • I'm pretty sure it has to do with the following code -

    *|*::-moz-dropdown-list {
    z-index: 2147483647;
    background-color: inherit;
    -moz-user-select: none;
    position: static !important;
    float: none !important;

    * We can't change the padding here, because that would affect our
    * intrinsic width, since we scroll. But at the same time, we want
    * to make sure that our left border+padding matches the left
    * border+padding of a combobox so that our scrollbar will line up
    * with the dropmarker. So set our left border to 2px.
    border: 1px outset black !important;
    border-left-width: 2px ! important;

    But the weird thing is that Firefox reports a unknown psuedo-class/element error when you try to use that selector.

    Same thing with *|*::-moz-display-comboboxcontrol-frame .

    Looks like this has the answer as to why -

    Something or other about privileged stylesheets.

    Note that that styling anonymous boxes like this is only possible from privileged stylesheets; that restriction has been in place since before Gecko 1.9.0 So if you're testing this using an in-page stylesheet, then of course it won't work.
  • Yes, i did try it and have it as a global style (probably in hopes one day they'll come to their senses and it will work!).
    'Low priority'! As far as i'm concerned the whole browser seems to be a low priority to designers. Looks like they're too busy drawing cartoons for AMO.

    Thanks, mouse! I'm a bit busy here, hope you don't mind if i'll send my cat to fulfill my promise? His name is happycat.
  • At GitHub over here, there's a box with white line which turns blue on hover. Could somebody tell me what's going on there and how i can change it - i don't want any colors there:

    376 x 47 - 3K
  • Perhaps:
    .minibutton.switcher > span:after {
    border: none !important;
  • Thanks, it's better but it's still there, just thinner. I tried adding bg:red but it turns the whole left side (which normally would be select > button) red.
  • .minibutton.switcher > span:after {
    border: none !important;
    box-shadow: none !important;
  • Geeze! tried bg and all, stopped short of box-shadow ... Thanks a lot, credited!
  • Installed Fx13b and ran into a problem right away ...
    My styles page takes a few seconds to load - over 400 styles. Using this style of mine for progress bar, while it's thinking, there's no indication that anything is happening. I know there's a state i'm missing - 'Connecting'? or something like that?
    I tried adding this two to the progress image block and it didn't help:

    .tabbrowser-tab[pending] .progress-bar,
    .tabbrowser-tab[busy] .progress-bar

    Any ideas are appreciated, TIA!

    EDIT: i wouldn't mind to show that black default circle they have in this state, but i don't know its ID.
  • For your first line of code in your style try (and yes, you do need TMP):
    .urlbar-progress-container, .tab-throbber[progress]
    { display: none !important; }
  • I already have that in the code. That's not the problem. The problem is that the site takes forever to load my styles and while doing this, it has no indication of anything. Tabs used to show just label "Connecting..." first, then throbbers which were changing colors. So, i guess what i'm looking for is some indicator that suppose to be there before throbbers shows, unless Fx13 doesn't have that either now. There has to be a state of tab from the moment you click to the moment throbber shows because as of now, i thought i was having a reload option problem with TMP and Fx13 but then i saw that the tab did actually reload and at the very end i saw my progress bar running very fast, like a sec.
    So to sum it up, i want to find the ID for tabs in their fist loading/reloading state and see if i can either add it to my bar or use their black circle image:

    157 x 29 - 5K
  • Using your style (Tabs - silver progress strip, Fx4* with the first line of code posted as above), TMP and Fx12 release, what I see is the Connecting... label in the tab with the connecting throbber (black circle image) and when the tab loads, the connecting throbber goes away and your progressbar on top of the tab is active. Is that not how you want it?
    120 x 34 - 4K
    252 x 37 - 6K
  • Well, i don't see this. I don't see the throbber at all, i see it only when my style is disabled because my style has .tab-throbber { display: none ...
    I also don't see 'Connecting...' label unless it's a slow site which isn't often. Or it's a new page/site loads, not on reload of an open tab. Makes sense so far.
    The problem is only with my styles page 'cause it's slower than molasses to open/reload. So, when i DblClick it to reload (TMP option i use), nothing happens for a few seconds and i can't tell if it's reloading. Then, after 5,6,7,8... seconds, my progress shows and i can see the tab is reloaded (i see it 'cause your table will show styles in alphabetic order and i know it was in Weekly installs mode before).
    So, i'm thinking that if i have this problem, there others who might have the same problem - no visualization on slow sites page loading. None.
    The thing is, this wasn't the case with Fx prior to 13b. There was something, like the label 'Connecting...' or/and my bar would be crawling slowly and freeze for a bit but at least i knew something was happening. I don't any more! Something has changed and i'd like to 'fix' it.
    So, my thought was to add that state to my progress bar so that all states (Connecting, loading, etc.) are covered under the progress bar code.
    What is odd is that this happens on my styles page only .... Doh
  • srazzano, have any ideas here? TIA!
  • Instead of .tab-throbber {display: none
    hows about .tab-throbber[progress] { display: none
  • Yes, that's what i have, sorry for mistyping.
    Wait! Aha, getting somewhere! I can see their black throbber now but! it's behind the favicon ... 'cause my style shows fav in 'Connecting' state. I'll go try a few things.
  • What style other than Tabs - silver progress strip, Fx4* are you using?

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